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Immeasurably thankful for everyone who took time to read my stuffs.

“Not all the men”

A couple of months ago, I came across a tiktok where this girl narrated her experience of getting followed by a few random men whistling and humming while she was coming home alone in the dark.

No, she was not throttled but something about it incited apprehension which I’m certain, is incomprehensible to us people who never experienced that sort of a situation regardless of all the documentaries or the books they have read before about dreadful and brutal crimes.

And the very next thing you know are the people  tossing out barbed comments with brazen attempt to  blame her for judging the men which further led to an acrimonious debate. Miffed folks remarking, “Not all men” and “If it were ladies following a man, it wouldn’t have been much of a big deal, would it?”

But are we talking about competition?
Are we talking about all men?
Unfortunately we never question ourselves what’s the thing that triggers such apprehension.
Why do we always have to categorize sexual assault or any kind of harm to a distinctively women’s problem that men cause? …Because the truth is  women experience far more sexual assaults and danger of rape than geezers that is to say, they are incontrovertible. Therefore, instead of getting mad over this why don’t we talk about the real issue which includes the CONSENT, RESPECT FOR WOMEN AND CREATING A SAFE ATMOSPHERE ? Might as well I add that men suffer for these same issues. Now don’t expect us to take the responsibility if the male victims are frightened to come forward because of the fear of being stigmatized or being labeled as cowards with fragile masculinity.

Let the world know, so that the court takes the cognizance of the case pertaining to the amendment of the laws which recognise that men can be raped too adding the ramifications which will have impacts over all.
Let’s talk about the problems to elucidate the matter rather than making searing criticisms.  Let’s start thinking of the ways to make it safer for all the genders so that eventually there wouldn’t be any such reason to cause consternation in the minds of the pedestrians walking alone in the dark.

To be more specific let me quote this for everyone,  “You respect us, we respect you.
That’s the basic human decency we want from you. “